Mathematics – Mrs N. Pickering-Ernst

Mathematics at Cotteridge Primary School embeds the three aims of the National Curriculum into daily practice. Children are encouraged to be fluent through daily counting, number fact activities, number relationship tasks and the practice of inverse operations. A wide range of opportunities to then apply these skills are offered, across a range of problems and puzzles, which ensures the knowledge and understandings of children are of depth. Maths is made real, with scenarios children can relate to. We encourage children to reason within mathematics, using mathematical language to discuss learning, explain thoughts and determine conclusions. Children follow the Concrete-Pictoral-Abstract model in order to make links and build on concepts. Concepts are explored in a variety of ways to ensure structures and relationships are understood. We encourage cross-curricular maths within our topics, which enable children to practise mathematical skills across the variety of topics they study.

We follow the Bright-Pi programme of study, which maps out the complete coverage of the mathematics objectives. Our written calculation policy is robust and ensures written calculations are taught consistently so children can build on prior learning and extend methods as they progress through the school.

At Cotteridge Primary School our standards and expectations are high. We strive for all pupils to perform at their best and to achieve their mathematical potential under our specific, creative, supportive and challenging curriculum.

Please look in individual year group pages for information on Maths National Curriculum Programme of Study.


Maths National Curriculum Programme of Study