Welcome To Cotteridge Primary School

Cotteridge is a school that values creativity, independence, resilience and compassion through the opportunities that we provide. We believe that every child deserves a world class education that sparks their curiosity and love of learning.

Our vision is to ignite and develop the highest aspirations for our pupils providing them with a primary education that they will cherish for life. We are committed in striving for academic excellence, coupled with a safe, happy and enriching environment. As a ‘Philosophy for Children’ school we develop learning attitudes and challenge mind-sets through the 4C’s: critical, creative, collaborative and caring thinking, placing them at the heart of everything that we do.

At our school we are proud that we

Have excellent academic standards.

Develop and support children’s aspirations, helping them to become lifelong learners.

Give learning a real purpose by making links to real life experiences wherever we can.

Foster a spirit of resilience, perseverance and positive attitudes within our school community.

Recognise all our children as being unique, precious and amazing!

Are you ready for the journey to begin..?

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