Geography – Miss J. Peters

At Cotteridge, we aim to instil in pupils a curiosity about the world, which will provoke questions and provide answers about the ever-changing world in which we live. We provide pupils with opportunities to explore both their local area, as well as other diverse parts of the world. This enables them to strengthen their understanding of the place in which they live and make comparisons with the places, people, resources and human and physical features of other worldwide locations. By learning about other parts of the world, pupils are given the chance to develop their map-reading and locational skills, alongside increasing their awareness of different cultures.

As young geographers, our pupils will study both human and physical features of the various places they investigate, confidently knowing the differences between these and the influences they have on our lives. Undertaking school trips linked with Geography and carrying out fieldwork will deepen children’s understandings and highlight in a very real way how Geography influences and impacts upon the world in which they live.

As our curriculum is taught through topics, we assign a place to each termly topic, ensuring that our pupils will gain an all-round greater knowledge of the world and their role within it. Our hope is for the children to develop a love of geography, and a fascination of the world and its people, that will stay with them throughout their lives.