Children start arriving through the car park gates from 8:45 am. The car park gates will not open before this time. There are senior members of staff and the pastoral team available in the playground from 8.45 am. We operate a one way system around our buildings and therefore all parents/carers are asked to enter via the car park gates and exit via the pedestrian gates. The school bell goes at 9.00 am, so all children should be in class ready to learn by 9.00 am. The school gates are locked at 9.00 am.

During morning playtime children in Nursery and Reception are provided with milk and fruit, KS1 children are provided with water and fruit. KS2 children should bring their own healthy snack to eat at break time.

During the afternoon session the KS1 children have ‘Structured Play’.

Times of the school Day 2022-2023 

Drop off time and door Playtime Lunchtime Pick up time Pick up door and area
Nursery 8.45-9.00
Nursery door
n/a 3.00 Nursery
Reception 8.45-9.00
Reception Gate
n/a 11.45-12.45 3.10 Reception Gate
Year 1 8.45-9.00
Years 1 & 2 door
10.35-10.50 11.45-12.45 3.10 Year 1 & 2 Door
Year 2 8.45-9.00
Years 1 & 2 door
10.35-10.50 11.45-12.45 3.10 Conservatory Door
Year 3 8.45-9.00
Y3 door (hall)
11.30-11.35 12.45-1.45 3.15 Year 6 door on Junior Playgound
Year 4 8.45-9.00
Year 4 door
11.30-11.35 12.45-1.45 3.15 Year 3 door on Infant Playground
Year 5 8.45-9.00
Year 5 door
11.20-11.35 12.45-1.45 3.15 Year 5 door
Year 6 8.45-9.00
Year 6 door
11.20-11.35 12.45-1.45 3.15 Year 6 door

School finishes at the times indicated above. The gates are opened at 3.00 pm. We ask that all parents/carers collect their children from the designated areas promptly. Please let the teacher know if your child is being collected by another adult or contact the school office on 0121 464 2865.

Y5 and Y6 children may have parents’ permission to walk home, once a permission slip is signed and given to the school office.