Design & Technology – Ms A. Albrighton

At Cotteridge School we believe it is important for children to develop an understanding of the importance of design and technology as it relates to the real world. Design and technology provides opportunities for children to be creative problem solvers, where they can combine thinking with practical skills. It allows pupils the chance to work collaboratively with others where they can share and evaluate ideas and respond to challenges appropriately.

We feel there are two key principles to the subject; products must have a purpose and an end user. At Cotteridge School we follow the National Curriculum for design and technology which we have developed to include the following design process:

  1. Introduce user/purpose of the project
  2. Research, develop and evaluate existing ideas
  3. Plan an initial annotated design
  4. Complete focused practical tasks where they learn a range of new skills and develop existing ones
  5. Make their final product
  6. Evaluate their design, including peer and self-assessment

Pupils at Cotteridge School will get the chance to complete a number of exciting DT projects during each academic year, one of which will be to design and make a food product.