History – Mr W. Harpur

At Cotteridge School, we believe it is important for children to develop a sense of historical curiosity about their world, and provide them will the skills they need to build up a comprehensive picture of the past, thinking and acting as historians. We are committed to providing pupils with opportunities to explore and make discoveries in their local area so they can develop an understanding of where they come from and the history and heritage of their home.

The range of topics we study allow children to develop their knowledge of history within the United Kingdom and the wider world. As historians, pupils will use and evaluate historical sources, to gain an insight into the past and understand the varying versions of it. By supporting our topics with educational visits, pupils become immersed in the topic they are focusing on, and the key historical figures and events which have shaped the world.

We strive to instil in our students a love of History and equip them with the tools needed to continue making discoveries.