Bad Weather

Effective emergency arrangements are in place should it be necessary to close the school.

Decisions on school closure cannot be taken lightly or in undue haste. However, the school recognises the need for decisions to be made as early as possible so that parents can, where necessary, make alternative child-minding arrangements.

If school closure is deemed necessary, this will be communicated in the following ways:

1. Text message to mobile phone (please make sure we have your up to date mobile phone number)

2. Email to all contacts

3. Message placed on Twitter page

If no messages are received by parents, then assume the school is open.

Finally, adverse weather can be disruptive to all our lives. Please be understanding. We make decisions, not only in the interest of health and safety but also in the ability of the school to carry out its normal duties. Occasionally, we will make the wrong decisions but always for the right reason.