Year 5 learned how to be safe in a variety of scenarios, such as home and outdoor safety, encouraging them to think and act safely. Different aspects of safety were covered including road, fire and water safety as well as discussing issues such as vandalism, financial awareness and what to do in an emergency.

Later in the day, the children learned about using public transport safely and the great importance of using seat belts and booster seats in cars for anyone under 135 cm tall. The children particularly enjoyed using the speed guns outside to see how fast vehicles were travelling along the main road, many of them were caught doing more than 30 mph despite the speed limit!

Hopefully, the children will continue to act safely and remember what to do in an emergency situation for years to come.

Avoid dark alleys!

How to safely rescue someone from water.

Children under 135 cm tall need a booster seat.

Using the speed cameras.