Before delving into the activities and experiences we encountered during the day I (Mr.Wilson) wanted to take this opportunity to describe an incredibly heart-warming event that happened while we were visiting the gardens. A lady and her husband were walking through the gardens and she stopped myself and one of the year 4 classes to speak with the children. The lady told us that her husband had 4 of the trees they were stood near commissioned to be planted at the gardens in memory of his late daughter who herself was a teacher. The lady proceeded to tell us that the sight of a well-behaved, excited and enthused class of pupils would have made their daughter proud. I have had several heart-warming moments during my short time as a teacher but I have never had such an occurrence as inspirational as this single moment.

On Tuesday Year 4 visited the Botanical Gardens to delve deeper into the depths and mysteries of the rainforest. The trip was kindly paid for from a bursary granted by The National Association for Environmental Education.  The children had a hands-on session with rainforest animals, handled actual materials (and artefacts!) from the rainforest and even looked at the products that originate from the resources of the rainforest. The entire day complimented and built upon the learning and knowledge the children have explored throughout their topic lessons in school.

An educational visit to the Botanical Gardens to learn about the plants, animals and nature was engaging, informative and was an experience that everyone enjoyed greatly.

Everyone enjoyed the day and Year 4 are looking forward to uncovering more of the mysteries of the rainforest!

Check out the gallery for a range of images from the day!