Year 2 came into school dressed as superheroes – real life or fictional. They looked the part! In the morning, they discovered that someone had stolen Attendance Ted from 2S’s classroom. The voice message that was left led them to Cotteridge Park. Here the children followed a map and found clues that were marked with an X.

The clues spelt ‘SWAMP!’ so we headed to the swamp and found Attendance Ted stuck up high in the tree. Supergero Hollie and Mr Incredible retrieved Ted and he was saved! Phew!

When we got back Year 2 gathered their evidence and called Mr Leonard and Miss Lacey in for questioning as they were our main suspects.

We had a visit from PC Goucher who bought in his Police clothing and equipment. The children enjoyed trying these on and even Miss Stalker got arrested!

The afternoon consisted of ‘Superhero training’. The children under went a variety of training to develop their super skills. These included: agility training, catching villains, x-ray vision and spider climbing.

All in all it has been a SUPER day!