Today we went on a Gruffalo Hunt!

We searched the orchard to see if he was there but all we found were different coloured leaves. We talked about why they were different colours and that it was now Autumn.


We carried on our search into the woods…



“We’re going on a Gruffalo Hunt, we’re going to catch a big one!”

We then came across the Gruffalo’s stick house.

“He’s not in here!”



Suddenly, Mrs Briley found a Gruffalo foot print in the mud!

“This means he must have gone this way!”

We searched the logs for any more clues…

We then found a note on the floor…it was from the Gruffalo!

It said;

    To Cotteridge Children,

this is the Gruffalo.

I am not scary,

I am just lonely!

I am also very shy,

that is why you haven’t found me today.

But I would like to be friends,

is that ok?

We all agreed that it was ok for him to be our friend and decided to leave him some presents we found in the park by the big tree for him.


We hope we get to see the Gruffalo soon!