The children in Reception went to visit the local shops in Cotteridge to buy vegetables for their soup. One group went the Co-operative and the others went to Derek’s Grocery Shop.

The children explored the two different shops and took lots of photos. The had maps to make sure they knew where they are going and had shopping lists to find the right vegetables.

When the children got back to school, they talked about the shop they had visited and what the differences were.

Bridie – “Derek’s Grocery has a till and it was really old. You didn’t bleep the vegetables”

Jessica – “The vegetables were in wooden boxes outside”

Paige – “We had to use the weighing scales to buy the vegetables”

Cassius – “The Co-op had a conveyor belt for the vegetables”

George – “There was a machine for the cards to buy things”

Bethan – “The vegetables were in plastic boxes”

The Co-operative

Derek’s Grocery Shop