Reception went on their first park visit on Wednesday and became Park Explorers!

First, we went exploring for our shadows.

“We need the sun to make our shadows!”

So we went onto the grass where there was lots of sun. We then started making different shadow shapes by making different shapes with our bodies.

Next, we ventured into the orchard and went looking for signs of Autumn.

When walking past the spiral bench, we found a ladybird. It was very small and had 10 spots.

“Be careful not to scare it!”

Then we found another one! This only had 9 spots.

Finally, we explored the next bit of the orchard and found lots of leaves.

“The leaves have fallen off the trees”

“They are orange and brown”

“These ones are yellow”

We talked about how this was a sign of autumn when all the leaves start to fall off and change colour. We took some leaves back to the classroom to make our autumn display table.

The children had lots of fun at the park and can’t wait to go exploring again!

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