On Wednesday, we went on this brilliant school trip, where we learned so much about everything about Ancient Egypt. (Anna, 3B)

We had two activities which were super fun.  We went to two workshops. (Faith, 3E).

We got to look at mysterious objects that were from Ancient Egypt and guess what they were and what they were made from.(Faith, 3B)

It was so cool.  It was really hard to believe that they came all the way from Ancient Egypt! (Anna, 3B)


My favourite thing was matching the statue to its name (Evie H, 3B).

My favourite thing was the activity where you got to take a picture of an item and write about it. (Brooke, 3B)


Then we went to another workshop.  This one was the best one because we learned about mummies and mummification.  They had a fake mummy. (Heidi, 3E)


If they didn’t know if someone was bad, they saw how heavy your heart was.  If it’s heavy, you’re bad, because if you do bad things, your heart gets heavy. (Alaina, 3E)


We took the organs out of the pretend pharaoh and took the heart out and put it back in him.  We threw the brain in the bin.  It was exciting!  (Tyra, 3B)

I really liked it.  It was amazing!  (Bella, 3E)