As an introduction to our Summer Term topic, Year 6 took part in three workshops based upon the life of William Shakespeare. Dramatically, a scene from Macbeth was acted out as children took on the role of some of Shakespeare’s most famous characters. In ‘Marketing and Production’, children designed their own performance billboards to promote a variety of Shakespeare plays. Year 6 also put their music knowledge to the test when faced with lyrics written in Shakespearean language – can you name the song and the artist?

“Doth thou ever feel, similar to a satchel of the plastic variety?”

“Thine had the potential to possess it all, twirling in the end of a swimming pool that is considered the opposite of shallow.”

“Greetings, I have recently been in your acquaintance, and this is absurd, alas I present to thee my contact details, so hail thou perhaps.”

The cast of Macbeth

The design team!

‘As You Like It’ storytelling