Welcome to Year 6

Our staff for 2020/21 are:
6A – Mrs Andrews and 6H – Miss Haynes with Teaching Assisant Mrs Dewell

The Year 6 curriculum is both engaging and aspirational. It enables children to learn about historical time periods; they make links and compare different societies which have shaped the world we live in today. Activities are varied and stimulate deep thinking about the world, which in turn encourages children to achieve excellence. We strive to make learning as real as possible by giving children roles as scientists, archaeologists, prime ministers and explorers. Different ways of thinking are encouraged across the curriculum; to be Creative, Collaborative, Critical and Caring. These lead children to be mature thinkers who have the confidence to ask deep, meaningful questions. Visits to the Natural History Museum, WW2 experience days and tours around Jaguar Land Rover stimulate real learning and inspire children to have their own aspirations and dreams. Computing is embedded across our curriculum through research, blogs, Xcel formula spreadsheets and programming.

The English curriculum covers a range of text types; children respond, analyse and adapt texts in order to gain a solid understanding of their features. Innovating on known texts enables children to practise their skills before using them creatively and writing independently, in their own style and genre. We regularly read class texts and discuss themes, characters and motives, to ensure children experience and enjoy rich, high-level texts. The use and manipulation of sophisticated language is a key feature of the reading and writing experience in Year 6.

Maths in Year 6 covers a range of concepts and enables children to be fluent in their skills, as well as solve problems and reason with mathematical concepts. Children are encouraged to embed skills through depth of application and use mathematical vocabulary to explain their ideas and findings. We ensure it is relevant to children, through real life problems, puzzles and scenarios.

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