Year 4

Welcome to the Year 4

Our staff for 2020/21 are:
4B – Miss Burbridge and 4T – Mrs Taylor with Teaching Assistant Mrs Berry.

In year 4 we approach each day with the aim of all children being able to achieve excellence and inspire dreams.

We practise our spellings and literary techniques every day as we strive to become accomplished writers. Reading is also a daily occurrence where we seek out the books we enjoy and search for books that will take us on a truly imaginative journey. Our Year 4 Maths curriculum is deep and varied and encourages learners to stretch the very depth and breadth of their knowledge through concrete, pictorial and abstract learning. All children take part in PE lesson twice a week.

There are a number of trips that take place at regular intervals throughout the year to inspire, inform and entertain us. We delve back in time to learn about the Romans and the Vikings and we even explore the far reaches of the Amazon Rainforest!

In Computing we are learning to become coders and programmers and when we find a bug in a code we become investigators. We investigate the problem and we find a way to fix it. Creating games, stories, presentations and animated movies are all projects in which we work collaboratively on to become established within Computing.

Overall, in Year 4 we are inspired by the 4 C’s of P4C: Creative, Collaborative, Critical and Caring. We practise these styles of learning on a daily basis as we continue to mature intellectually and socially. This is the year where we become independent learners.

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