Welcome to February’s Science Challenge!



  • Raw Eggs
  • Household Vinegar
  • Jar/Vase


STEP 1:  Place an egg in the jar and cover with vinegar. You can colour the vinegar for rainbow coloured rubber eggs too!

STEP 2:  24 hours later, drain and refill with vinegar. Set aside and patiently wait 7 days. Yes! One whole week until your naked egg is ready.

Notice the bubbles on the eggshell! This is the acid in the vinegar reacting with the calcium carbonate in the shell. This reaction is producing a gas called carbon dioxide!

STEP 3:  After 7 days, remove the egg and rinse it off. Ours had a layer of brown scum that was easily washed away!  The hard outer shell is gone and the egg white and yolk are surrounded by a thin membrane.

What does the egg feel like? What colour is it? Is it hard or soft? Does it feel squishy?

I would love to see your science in action. Why not take a science selfie and bring it in? Or you could email it to school at enquiry@cotridge.bham.sch.uk (for the attention of Miss Bloomer).