Welcome to Reception

Our staff for 2020/21 are:
RB – Mrs Briley with teaching assistant Mr Patchett
RD – Mrs Douglas with teaching assistant Mrs Thomas

In Reception, we believe that children should get the best start in school life. This is why we strive to provide your child with the best learning experience and opportunities so they can fulfil their potential.

The curriculum in Reception has seven areas:-

  • Three prime areas:
    • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
    • Communication and Language
    • Physical Development
  • Four Specific Areas:
    • Literacy
    • Mathematics
    • Understanding of the World
    • Expressive Arts and Design

The three prime areas are the most important as these are the skills that build the foundation for their learning.

Learning through play is a key element throughout Reception and this gives children an ownership over their learning as children independently choose engaging activities. All of the elements of the curriculum are covered throughout the day through these independent activities, through phonic, maths and literacy carpet sessions and through adult focus groups.

The children enjoy a number of activities in Reception such as visiting Cotteridge Park every Wednesday where the children explore the word around them and their environment. They enjoy Physical Write and Dough Gym sessions where we get our bodies and fingers moving to get ready for writing! The children also enjoy their weekly ‘Wake Up Shake Up’ sessions on a Monday morning to get them ready for the week ahead.


An email will be sent to each parent every Friday with the Weekly Challenge activities.

Reception Reminders

  • All water bottles to be taken home and cleaned everyday and brought back the next day. 
  • Every child to have a pair of wellies in a bag on their peg for our park visits
  • Every child to have their P.E. kits in school – white t-shirt, black shorts and black pumps
  • All book bags to be brought to school every day
  • Homework needs to be brought back the following Friday
  • Reading Books are changed every Friday for RB and Thursday for RP. Your child can change their book any other day if they put it in the reading book box in the morning.

Thank you 🙂

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