COVID-19 School Contact Forms
We have set up a new system to enable parents and carers to contact school quickly if their child has symptoms of Covid-19 or has received a positive test result. This means that you can contact us at any time with this information, including when school is closed.

We have set up two forms which you can complete, the links are on this email. When you submit a form, an alert will go to the senior leadership team who will seek advice and take the recommended actions.

If your child has developed symptoms of Covid-19 (a continuous cough, high temperature or loss of taste or smell) please complete this form by clicking here.

If your child has received a positive test result for Covid-19, please complete this form by clicking here.

As we are having a large amount of phone calls coming in to the school office at the moment, please do not phone with this information, complete the relevant form using the links above. If we need further information from you regarding your form, one of the senior leadership team will phone you.

We thank you for your co-operation with this matter.

Urgent message emailed to Parents/Carers on 3rd September 2020

Phase 1 Arrangements For Return To School – 26th Feb 2021

Parent Help Grid For Covid-19




If you are waiting for test results:

Children who are unable to attend because they or a household member are waiting for a test result. Please click  here for more information.

If a household member has tested positive or contacted under track and trace:

Children unable to attend school because a member of their household has tested positive or the child is contacted under Track and Trace. Please click here for more information.

If your child’s bubble is closed or whole school closed:

Your child’s year group bubble is closed. Please click here for more information.

Home Learning expectations can be found here.

A guide on how to use BGfL 365 and Teams

A video on how to access home learning on BGFL365

A video on how to access live lessons and meetings in Teams