At Cotteridge Primary School we believe that opportunities should be available to develop leadership skills in children of all ages.  Detailed below are some examples of how we do this across the school.

At Cotteridge we have four houses, the captains and vice captains of which are elected annually by secret ballot to re-inforce the British Value of democracy. The House Captains and Vice House Captains, who are children in Year 6, are responsible for choosing their House Captain Star of the Week which is announced in Friday assembly. House captains also collect house points and manage interhouse competitions which happen throughout the year. House competitions include sports, arts and technology, with the House and Vice House Captains providing much of the organisation including interviewing candidates for team places. House captains often help judge competitions and produce a twice yearly newsletter.

Prefects are Year 6 children who are chosen by their class teachers, following the completion of a job application form. Prefects encourage good behaviour in particular when coming in and out of the school building in Key Stage 2 and in some assemblies.  They have PUPIL SMART tickets to reward the good behaviour they observe. SMART tickets, which are an important part of our behaviour policy, stand for Show Manners and Respect for All. They are put into a class weekly raffle for a behaviour prize.

Each class from Reception to Year 6 elects a UNICEF ambassador to help promote the UNICEF Rights of the Child. Ambassadors in Key Stage 2 recognise when their classmates have been respecting their Child Rights and those of others by choosing a child for a UNICEF certificate to be handed out in assembly. UNICEF ambassadors also help to organise UNICEF days in school as well as choosing the Right of the Week which is mentioned on the school’s weekly newsletter.

School councillors are also elected by their classmates with classes from Year 2 to Year 6 having representatives. The children work with Mrs Taylor and Mrs Dewell with the councillors representing the views of all children. The School Council considers suggestions to help improve the school for example the playground equipment and school meals. School councillors are also involved in helping to formulate some school policy e.g. the school rules for behaviour.

The librarians work in the key stage 2 library and operate the school’s library system during playtimes. The librarians check books in and out of the computer system and help younger children to choose the right book.